Axis of Weasel

Many people - including several band members - were hoping that this was the final Weasel record.

Uranus or Bust

An exploration of the the outer limits of the galaxy known as Good Taste.

Leon's Mystical Head

A four-day recording marathon in 1995 gave rise to animosities that still exist today.

Fondue Cabaret

The first Weasel album met with critical acclaim, and brisk sales followed. Not.


Alternative takes and obscure songs and performances. Not that anyone was asking.

AARP Go The Weasels

Albany NY: The Weasels released their sixth album AARP Go the Weasels on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2013. The CD, the band's first since 2006, was recorded over a three year period at Blue Sky Studios in Delmar under the direction of Scott Apicelli. The album features 75 minutes (15 songs) worth of original popular music detailing the band's sad decline from happy go lucky youth to aged curmudgeons anxiously awaiting the sweet relief that death brings.

From the opening strains of Father Weasel - a paean to impotence and incontinence - to the last measures of Doubting Thomas - the upshot of which is that most people deserve to spend eternity burning in everlasting hellfire - the CD features the Weasels usual complex harmonic and rhythmic arrangements, exacting recording standards, and extensive use of samples and music concrete. In between the band examines the post mortem theft of Albert Einsteins brain (Driving Alberts Brain), autopsies the occupy movement (Zucchini Park), probes the ins and outs of intergalactic love (Invasion of the Body), and bemoans the lack of good help these days (Last Supper on Lark Street).

Described by one wag as "XTC on PCP" the Weasels proper comprise Roy Weasell on guitar and Doctor fun on vocals and keyboards. The rhythm tracks for AARP were performed by Capital district veterans Al Kash (Fear of Strangers) and Jon Cohen (The Illuminati) and supplemented in studio by an impressive array of reasonably priced local talent, including Chuck D'Aloia and Eric Finn (Hair of the Dog) on guitar; Adrian Cohen and Mike Kelley (Blotto) on keyboards; Brian Patneaude on tenor saxophone; and the fetching Sarah LaDuke on background vocals.

“We're very happy with the finished product," said guitarist Roy Weasell, "and early reviews have been quite positive. We're hoping that this record is the one that catapults us from anonymity to obscurity."

Material from previous Weasel albums (Fondue Cabaret, Leon’s Mystical Head, Uranus or Bust, Generation Xcrement, and Axis of Weasel) have received nationwide airplay, from NPR on the one hand to regular airings on the Doctor Demento show on the other. This has translated into critical acclaim and brisk sales, where acclaim and brisk are loosely defined.

At this time the Weasels have no plans to tour or to support the CD in any way, mainly because fun never leaves the house anymore unless absolutely necessary. Instead, the Weasels will be releasing half a dozen music videos that they hope will prove even more disturbing than just the bare music. Although a release of music videos might seem less a good idea than it was 20 years ago when MTV aired something other than documentaries about pregnant hillbillies the band is undeterred. "People often ask what this tune is about or what that tune means," lyricist fun said. "This time we decided to show them. Unfortunately for them my inner dialogue makes Pink Flamingos look like Its a Wonderful Life."

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