The Weasels

Hobbies: envy, greed, sloth

Measurements: 5'9, 6'0", 5'11"

Favorite movie: the Zagruder film

Turn offs: PMS, foreplay, the French

Turn Ons: selling lots of Weasel merchandise

Favorite performers: Frank Zappa, Larry Storch

Ideal evening: free drinks at the bar and home for a quickie

The Weasel Interview

Q: Who are the Weasels?
A: The Weasels are a band.

Q: What does the band do?
A: The Weasels write, record and perform contemporary rock and roll music.

Q: Where you guys from?
A: None of your business.

Q: When do you find the time?
A: Usually during the day, when our girlfriend is working.

Q: Why?
A: Because otherwise she gets annoyed.

Q: No, I mean why do you do it at all?
A: Oh, sorry, I thought you meant why during the day.

Q: How does the recording process work?
A: Well, generally speaking, the Weasel who writes the words gives them to the Weasel who writes the music; the result is recorded by a third Weasel using others who lend their talents gratis (various Daves, the brothers Cohen) and for money (Steve Candlen), in a variety of creative ways.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to say?
A: Yes.

Q: Well?
A: Oh, sorry. The Weasels have absolutely no redeeming social value, and more importantly, don't pretend to. Popular music is dull because it takes itself seriously; we're not dull because we don't. Instead, our music is an existential expression of our exhilaration at the absolute absurdity and futility of our collective existence, and an excuse to drink during the week. Like life, it's fun while it lasts; but in the end it's only nice music cleverly produced and attractively packaged, in the same way that, in the end, chateau briande is only dead cow.

Q: Thank you
A: You're quite welcome.

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