The Weasels


Axis of Weasel

Many people - including several band members - were hoping that this was the final Weasel record.

Uranus or Bust

An exploration of the the outer limits of the galaxy known as Good Taste.

Leon's Mystical Head

A four-day recording marathon in 1995 gave rise to animosities that still exist today.

Fondue Cabaret

The first Weasel album met with critical acclaim, and brisk sales followed. Not.


Alternative takes and obscure songs and performances. Not that anyone was asking.

Mustella Furioso presents
Do the Teabag

Starring Sarah Palin, Barak Obama, Fred Gwynne, Hillary Clinton, Jeremiah Wright, Florence Henderson, Charo, Ted Kennedy, John Lennon, and Charlton Heston, with a special appearance by Chris Matthews' leg.

Just in time for what promises to be the most important and amusing election in recent memory, the Weasels are happy to present Do the Teabag. Teabag has a beat that'll make a thrill run up your leg until you're dancing like nobody's watching - it might even be the dance craze that's sweeping the nation and driving all the young kids nuts. But it also presents a unique take on the state of contemporary american politics, inspired by the Tea Party movement. Do the Teabag. On sale now.

Do the Teabag

The Weasels: Do the Teabag

.99 cents!


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