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January 8, 2002 - Oh God, will it ever end?
Lead vocalist Dr. Fun with his best friend, Mr. BushmillsWell, its hardly surprising is it? The Weasels are STILL recording vocal tracks for the new album, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Village Idiot." Its not that the harmonies are particularly complex. Nor is it that the melodies are painfully intricate...though more than a few critics have called them painful. Hell, the band can't even use technical difficulties as an excuse this time around. The plain fact of the matter is that The Weasels are very slow workers, in a word, lazy. So, with that in mind, here's the updated recording schedule:

April 10, 2002: Wrap up lead vocal tracks.
April 11, 2002: Go on 12 day drinking/gambling bender at Foxwoods Resort and Casino.
April 29, 2002: Band released from hospital.
May 10, 2002: Lead Guitar tracks with the exceptionally tall Matt Pirog
May 19, 2002: Rest for a few weeks.
June 18, 2002: Roy Weasell begins fixing up all the rhythm guitar clams...vowing to "finish this up in a few hours."
August 29, 2002: Roy Weasell finishes fixing up all the rhythm guitar clams.
August 30, 2002: Fun hits the Super 6 Exacta at Saratoga. Disappears for several days. Finally found, drunk, on Phila Street, singing "Camptown Ladies" to bemused passersby.
September 3, 2002: Adrian Cohen in studio for keyboard tracks.
September 3, 2002 - 1 hour later: Adrian Cohen walks out of sessions decrying the general "lack of direction and focus."
September 5, 2002: Adrian lured back with the promise of a "serious, professional work environment... and free booze." Keyboard tracks completed.
October 14, 2002: Jonny Weasel attempts to tune his Chapman Stick
October 15, 2002: Jonny Weasel actually records some Chapman Stick tracks.
October 17, 2002: On a roll now, The Weasels record all the horn parts in a mere two weeks. A new speed record for the lads!
October 31, 2002: Halloween Show with Mitch Elrod and Bone Oil at Valentines. After the Weasels finish their set with a drunken rendition of "A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation", club owner Howard Glassman vows, "I'll never book those bastards matter how much they pay me."
November 20, 2002: On the two year anniversary of the basic track sessions at Blue Sky Studios, the band returns for final percussion parts with long-haired nature boy Scott Apicelli.
November 22, 2002: The band's $500 check to Blue Sky bounces. Dr. Fun forced to "clean up the place" for a few weeks.
December 31, 2002: Recording complete. Mixdowns begin. Producer Christopher Sauce tells the band that mixdown "shouldn't take long ...if you guys shut up for five f*#king seconds!"
December 31, 2003: Mixdowns complete. Masters rush-shipped for "low-cost but still very high quality...really" CD duplication in Latvia.
June 22, 2004: 2000 CD's arrive from Latvia. 30 copies of "It Takes a Village to Raise a Village Idiot" quickly delivered to local record universal acclaim. 7 copies are sold.
June 23, 2004: The album fades into obscurity.
June 24, 2004: Work commences on the Weasels next full-length CD, "Oh God, Not Again."

Producer's notes - with Christopher Sauce
Weasels Producer/Engineer Christopher Sauce Things are going really, really, really well with the new album. And I mean that. They're a joy to work with, these Weasels. The music sounds great...and the words are pithy. I kid you not, this album is going to be the next big thing...easily more monumental than say, Ted Nugent's "Intensities in Ten Cities" or even the first release by Brownsville know, the one before they sold out and went pop. These guys are THAT good. No foolin! From start to finish, recording with them is a real treat. I thank the good Lord every day that I've had the chance to work with these geniuses...this magical band of merry musicmakers and philosophers. Please, please, please never let it end!
(At this rate it won't.- Ed.)


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